Highly Nutritious & Insanely Delicious

Our Tomato Chips

Are 100%

Dehydrated, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free, Farm Fresh, Allergen-Free, Calorie Conscious, Keto Friendly & Non-GMO.


Spicy Jalapeño
Tomato Chips

An tasteful combination of Jalapeño, Onion and Chickpea. A unique flavor for daring palates. A mouth-wathering flavor! Just 50 calories per serving.


Tomato Chips

Fresh and cheesy flavors, with natural and garlic tasting, it's a melting-mouth flavor. Only 50 calories per serving!


Tomato Chips

With natural BBQ peppers mix combination with garlic and onion. It's the classic, delicious and slightly sweet flavor! Just 60 calories per serving.


Coming soon new delicious products!

High potassium!

What are the perks?

Tomatoes are fruits rich in potassium which can help reduce blood pressure and stroke risk, besides, stimulates neural activity, boosts metabolism and so on.

What about our products?

We guarantee you this...

Dehydrated – Products are neither baked, nor fried, but low-temperature dried to maximize nutrition content and enzymes. We sprout our seeds for maximum digestibility and nutrient availability.
Farm Fresh – Our newly constructed dehydration and packaging plant is co-located upon our tomato farm insuring our chips are created with the least amount of time and handling.
Non-GMO - means that the food is made without ingredients that were derived from genetically engineered organisms.
Gluten-Free – For the gluten-intolerant and those who don’t tolerate gluten affecting their digestion.
Nut-Free – For the ever growing allergic consumer, we obtain our ingredients from certified nut-free sources. In addition, our manufacturing facility is 100% nut-free.
Vegan – 100% all plant ingredients for those who don’t eat animal products.
Allergen-Free – In addition, our products do not contain any of the following: Milk, Soy, Eggs, or Wheat.
Calorie Conscious – From 50 to 60 calories per serving, our chips are one of the healthiest and least caloric as compared to other products in the salty snack category.

Keto Friendly - The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat diet.