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According to Just Pure Foods, its 100% dehydrated; gluten-, nut– and allergen-free; vegan; keto-friendly; and non-GMO Tomato Chips can provide a boost of healthy energy without adding the calories found in other snacks. Neither baked nor fried, the crunchy chips are low-temperature dried to keep enzymes and nutrients intact, with only 50 or 60 calories per bagThe guilt-free snacks come in three flavorsSpicy Jalapeño, Cheesy and Barbecue Tomato Chips – and are made using upcycled tomatoes from strategic partner Master’s Touch Brands that otherwise would have been plowed under because they’re not the right size or shape, or have ripened too early. The retail price range is $1.99-$2.49 per 0.8-ounce package..




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