Great combination of nutrients and flavor in a slice
From the Field to your Table
Just Pure Foods’ tomatoes come directly from our strategic partner Master’s Touch, a family owned company since 1946, which grows fresh produce from Primus and Fair Trade Certified fields in Mexico. With Just Pure Foods you are getting the best nutrients directly to your table!
Tasty Tomato Chips
Our Commitment
Just Pure Foods is committed to creating the tastiest and healthiest plant-based snack foods. We use the highest quality and purest ingredients we can source. Environmental stewardship and human health are our core values. We believe in harmony on the planet and in the pursuit of happiness for all beings who live on it.
High potassium!
According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), fewer than 2% of American adults meet the recommended daily intake of potassium (4,700mg). As a fruit rich in potassium, eating tomatoes can aid in meeting your daily goal!
Quality, taste and healthy. Manufactured free-nuts